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For information on the locations of conference events see Venue. The sidebar on this page will later include links to more details about workshops, tutorials, professional visits, social events including the conference dinner and the opening reception.

Provisional programme outline:

  • Sunday 17th September: Start of conference; IASA Newcomers Welcome; IASA special interest meetings*; evening reception
  • Monday 18th September: General Assembly I; keynote address; conference papers, tutorials, workshops; evening reception.
  • Tuesday 19th September: Conference papers, tutorials, workshops; evening concert.
  • Wednesday 20th September: Conference papers, tutorials, workshops; professional visits.
  • Thursday 21st September: Conference papers, closing keynote; General Assembly II, tutorials, workshops.End of conference. Conference dinner.

* The IASA special interest meetings on 17th September are open to all interested delegates who register for that day. Most sessions include papers on pertinent topics with time for discussion and debate. The meetings run at different times during the day and you may move between meetings of the Broadcast Archive, National Archive, and Research Archive Sections, the Europeana Sounds Task Force, and the Technical, Discography, Training & Education and Organising Knowledge Committees.


  1. On Saturday 16th September the IASA Executive Board and IASA Technical Committee will hold closed meetings. The IASA Executive Board will meet also on Friday 22nd September.