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Workshops and tutorials

A full and varied series of Workshops and Tutorials, free to all registered delegates, will be delivered by IASA experts. Abstracts and schedules of these sessions will be available shortly.

If you wish to attend one or more of these sessions, please make a booking when you register for the conference.

  • Connect, collect, collaborate: create the International Bibliography of Discographies
  • Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers (IASA-TC 05)
  • Files, metadata, and workflows: Putting the pieces together
  • Compressed video quality
  • Expert transfer techniques: special focus on mechanical discs
  • How can we spare storage space?
  • Checking audiovisual conformance
  • Improve access to audio collections by preparing metadata for Europeana
  • Digitization: preparing, arranging and describing disparate collections, and Production Asset Management tools